June 7, 2011

Chorros del Varal, Los Reyes, Michoacan

It only took a postcard to get me here back in 1992, and some Spanish to stop and ask along the dirt road heading west out of Los Reyes if this was the way to the waterfalls.  No signs.  At that point, only a couple miles from the falls, we were driving through flat sugar cane fields.  At one little town, there was a rope across the road.  We stopped and paid the unofficial five peso fee to be able to continue.  This is Mexico.  A map will only get you so far, then you have to ask directions.  And if you come to a rope and need to pay a tip, just pay it.  Don't be the ugly American and request a receipt.  Believe me, the final destination, more often than not, will be well worth it! 

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